Jersey, Helmet and Hurl Collection   10/05/2021

One of the main community functions of the Club is to provide training/coaching in a large number of schools in our local and wider area. The Clubs aim in doing so is to introduce as many young people to hurling and in doing so secure the long-term future of our Club. However one of the main obstacles to introducing young kids to our game is the cost involved for parents towards new Jerseys, Hurls and Helmets, especially when they are not sure if their child will continue to play the game long term. To this end the Club are sending out an appeal to anyone who may have any old/2nd hand jerseys, hurls or helmets lying around and which they would like to donate to the Club. In doing so you could help us greatly in encouraging young children to become more involved in our game long-term. If you would like to donate please leave them with Alice Broughan in the Cullion Coffee Shop on a Friday evening. Thanking you in advance.