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Kevin Regan

We are the Champions - 2021 Senior B County Champions   08/11/2021

What looked like a Hollywood Blockbuster Cullion stormed to victory with the astounding defeat of Delvin 5-20 to 0-11 to win the Senior B County Championship 2021. The action started with Delvin scoring the first point followed by Cullion with Delvin getting another point matched by Cullion. What we thought was going to be a very even paced match turned on its head with Brian Stones scoring not only one but two goals to start what can only be described as one of the most unbelievable performances of any Cullion team in living memory. Scores from Jack Gillen 3-11, Brian Stones 2-0, Jack Galvin 0-3, Kevin Regan 0-3, Eoin Fox 0-1, Shane Broughan 0-1, Conor Regan 0-1. Congratulations to all our senior players and a special mention to the management team Pat Cleary, Dermot Broughan, Willie Brennan, Declan Gillen, Fiona Keating, Timmy Murphy, Ralph Kelleghan, JP Farrelly. Yop Cullion